Earth Embrace Clubs


Earth Embrace Clubs provide an easy and inexpensive way to create after-school programs for children of all ages that take environmentally sensitive education a step further: to hands-on sustainable creative design. While most of us have never studied design in school, as adults we are constantly asked to design our world and how we live in it.

The Curriculum

Earth Embrace Clubs offer 30- and 60-minute experiential lessons created to develop design skills promoting sustainable human-environmental interaction in our everyday lives - in a fun and accessible format. All individual lessons will be available here at no cost, and the entire database for a small fee.bonobo chimp

  • To start an Earth Embrace Club, you can download individual lesson plans, searching by subject, age range, or both.
  • The entire database can also be purchased on CD.
  • Earth Embrace provides a platform for an ever-evolving and expanding curriculum; allowing for feedback and co-creative additions to the database.
  • Five simple questions form the foundation of the curriculum.

The Five Questions

  1. What natural resources were used to make this product? Tell me more!
  2. What energy was used to obtain the natural resources? Tell me more!
  3. Does it function as intended? Tell me more!
  4. Can it be designed such that it becomes food for something else? Tell me more!
  5. Does it truly contribute to the joy and well-being of the world? Tell me more!

We invite you to co-create this simple yet powerful project with us.  For more information, see our class schedule and information on Thrivable Design.