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The following 2007 report summarizes our progress so far.

Our Budget Goal

US$11,000 = Construction of the Well

  • 40,000 liter tank,
  • high-reliability diesel pump
  • filter system

US$7,200 = 6 auxiliary wells

  • repair and fitting with diesel pumps
  • $1,200 each

US$1,800 = Expenses

  • Telecom,
  • travel and project development expenses (only expenses, no salaries are paid).

TOTAL= US$20,000

Total Raised

$23,045 in partnership with the non-profit Swiss Knight Corp.




Outgoing Summary

Admin and Travel Expenses



Water Project



Niranjana Orphans

Computer Lab



Scholarship Fund 8th-college



Enayam School

New water system & kitchen



Other Scholarships



Angel Club















$10,089 or 46%

  • 3 Power Pumps built
  • 2 Hand Pumps built
  • 4 Hand Pumps under construction


$5,350 or 24%

  • 76,000 Rs. ($1,500) donated for food and supplies for the students and orphans
  • Construction and equiment of a complete computer lab, including battery systems, internet connection, network, etc.
  • Instructors' training delivered over 2.5 months.

SCHOLARSHIP FUND for boys and girls 8th grade - University

$2,355 or 11%

  • Six students on their way to higher education
  • Study room rented and equipte, including a library
  • Daily coaching by teachers
  • Daily attendance to private educational institutions
  • 1 laptop and printer installed


$1,135 or 5%

  • Renovation of drinking water area
  • Alteration of school kitchen for safety and cleanliness
  • Renovations of toilet and classrooms in Kindergarden school, repaint, installation of fans, decoration and toys for children.
  • Cleaning and maintenance products.


$741 or 3%

  • Gemma Galgani Fund for Young Women wanting to become teachers in low-cast Tsunami affected fisherman's villages
  • Assistance to 1 village teacher and 1 family man in professional reconversion (computer training)


$223 OR 1%

  • Funding of surgical operation of a teacher and mother of two affected by a respiratory syndrome.

In Kim's own words...

In October 2006 I traveled to Southern India to help restore wells that had been destroyed in the Tsunami, and to assist with a Welfare school in Bodhgaya.  The wells have been successfully built, and we now continue to support 4 young men in Bodhgaya as they work their way toward University. You can HELP!! To see my personal account of both projects, go to www.kims-india-blog.blogspot.com.

As it turns out, the men of AWED (the water organization) built the first 5 wells UNDER budget, meaning we are already ahead in the construction of "Phase II" wells!  As you may recall there are a total of 19 wells to be built.  We needed to confirm their capacity to get the job done by sponsoring only the first 5.  They did it!  And now, our other projects are expanding as well! (no pun intended) 

scholarship boysThe "boys" in Bodhgaya (Northern Indian) that we are sponsoring in school are doing very, very well.  Cedric (of Swiss Knight) stayed in their village for almost 2 months to help get them settled into their new routine of school, study, homework and focus.  The boys called me for my birthday and I was AMAZED at their already greatly improved English!  And although Anup is the youngest of the group, and struggles with his English, Cedric has discovered that he is conversational in JAPANESE as well!!  Cedric is confident that these boys are up to the challenge of breaking out of their castes and becoming successful and educated.  We are very excited.

Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you'll give him the ability to feed himself and his family for a lifetime. ~ M. K. Gandhi

Our goal is a sustainable solution to a basic human need

Will you join us to make this goal a reality?

For more information, or to arrange a customized Power Point presentation, please contact Kim, India Project Coordinator.