Honoring All Life Foundation

India Awareness

Too often, with the best of intentions, our efforts to "help" can also disempower those we seek to assist. The HAL Foundation has developed the India Project to explore new ways of meeting the needs of those who require assistance while fully honoring their choices, talents, and desires

While fulfilling our goal of providing a well water system to this commuity, we will be paying close attention to the perceptual filters that color our experience - filters that could perpetuate old ways of relating to those we perceive as "in need":

  • subtle but enculturated vestiges of colonialism
  • instances in which the perception of "giving" is seen as one-sided, denying the deeper experience that "giving" and "receiving" are the same energy
  • moments in which we forget the equal or greater gifts we receive through participation in this opportunity to experience the richness of our own being
  • when we disempower ourselves by placing the needs of others above our own, thereby failing to meet both our needs.

Our intention is to fully document our findings. Please support us in this subtle but vital exploration of "giving" viewed through the intention to fully honor all involved.

Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you'll give him the ability to feed himself and his family for a lifetime. ~ M. K. Gandhi

Our goal is a sustainable solution to a basic human need

Will you join us to make this goal a reality?

For more information, or to arrange a customized Power Point presentation, please contact Kim, India Project Coordinator.