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Honoring All Life - A Practical Guide To Exploring A New Reality


"As fear of the other and fear of scarcity spread across our planet, Shaktari opens us to possibility. She shows us how we can each free ourselves from the plague of fear as we cultivate the possibilities within."

~Frances Moore Lappé

(author of Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity and Courage in a World Gone Mad and many other classics, including Diet for a Small Planet)

How do we perceive reality, and how do our choices regarding what we ALLOW ourselves to perceive impact the quality of life we create within our personal, community, and global experience?  What does it mean to live life from a conscious choice to honor all? How do we choose WHO we experience ourselves to be and HOW we experience life? How can we live life as an affirmation of the world we want to create, and the essential being we know ourselves to be? We explore these questions and engage many of the leading edge thinkers willing to ask what it means to honor all life within their field of expertise.  More...

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