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2010 Events will be posted soon.

2009 Events...







Aug 15-16 , 2009


Training for Transition

Intensive weekend for community members wishing to start a Transtion Initiative in their community




Aug 17-25, 2009


Gaia University

Orientation Workshop




Aug 26-30, 2009


Gaia University

Extension Workshop




Sept 1-4, 2009


Gaia University

Re-Evaluation Counseling Fundamentals Workshop (Open to the Public)




Sept 5-12, 2009  

Gaia University

Year-End Workshop


2008 Events...







Feb 7th, 2008


Community Connections





Feb 9th-10th, 2008


Community Connections

Weekend - Featuring  ZEGG Forum




Feb 20-28th, 2008


Together with Gaia University - Ashland,

we offer workshops in


with the experts from




March 10th, 2008


Dr. Frances Moore Lappe'

will be returning to discuss her new book,

Getting A Grip




April 12-13, 2008  

Community Connections

Weekend - Featuring  ZEGG Forum


April 22, 2008


Neurons for Nirvana

Highlights of how the latest brain, heart, and cellular biology research reveal the body's developmental support of higher states of consciousness

April 26th, 2008  

Creative Fulfillment

Aligning Positive Intentions with Your Inner Wisdom and Cellular Body

Aug 30th- Sept 11th , 2008  

We will assist Action-Learning based

Gaia University in the launching of the first orientation in Ashland, Oregon

leading to an eventual GaiaU-Ashland regional center

Oct 10th - 12th, 2008  

Ashland Hladina Experience

Inlighten the Body -

Unique Inner and Outer Travel


Individuality, not individualism, is the cornerstone of community.  Individuality is synonymous with uniqueness.  This means that a person and his or her unique gifts are irreplaceable.  The community loves to see all of its members flourish and function at optimum potential.

In fact, a community can flourish and survive only when each member flourishes, living in the full potential of his or her purpose.

~Malidoma Somè~