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Rogue Valley Community Assessment

An Evening With Author

Frances Moore Lappé

Author of "Diet For a Small Planet" and "Getting A Grip... "

Frances Moore Lappé Event

Rogue Valley Community Assessment

Monday, March 10th, 2008



(lack of goods and goodness)


(plenty of goods and goodness)



It is difficult to find sustainable livelihoods in Ashland

This forces us to find creative solutions.



The cost of gas is too high; we need to reduce our dependence on oil.

The rising cost of oil encourages us to find alternative methods of transportation.



Pockets and networks of community giving the illusion of greater community than some actually experience

Many people focus on taking care of their body, mind, and spirit here:

  • They vote with their dollar by what and where they shop
  • They purchase locally at the farmer’s markets



Apathy is present

Seems like everything is contentious sometimes – no apparent apathy – many diverse voices get involved no matter what the topic



City budget based on scarcity mentality

City council approval of the Ashland Solar Pioneer II program



Many families struggle with the high cost of living in Ashland and the low wages.


Entrepreneurial creativity abounds – many focus on the 7th generation and paying it forward, like Heartsong Chai



Challenge: Do you know your neighbors?

Farming cooperatives particularly with youth in Ashland



Hands closed – can’t accomplish much

Open Hands – great for giving & receiving



Those with Green Cards are in danger of deportation if they participate fully in the culture – fear holds them back from fully expressing

Webspirit Community – example of sharing



Housing far too expensive for most

Ashland Wellness Guide – March 15th



Homeless people have no where to go in Ashland and live in fear

Many sustainability organizations in Jackson County offering new eyes & ways


“They should” syndrome – looking to others to solve our problems regarding:  youth, poverty, drugs

Instead of making businesses, make clubs that join people together in common cause



Global consciousness of LACK – not focused on the plenty surrounding us:

Example: “not enough time”

Suggestion: Recognize something you love about yourself and then give it to others



Those who have land they are not using could share with those who want to farm it

Ask, “Who IS community?”  Create it.



Our zoning laws are restricting great ideas

Create global connections



Lack of TRUST – both of others and self

Notice how we FEEL when focused on negative and positive aspects of community



Not everyone is seen and heard

Recognize a “problem” then flip it to become an “opportunity”



Media can restrict what is available

KSRQ community radio

IPR (Immense Possibilities Radio on



SOU campus not connected to the community AND visa versa

Focus on common ground within our community diversity – celebrate!




Neighborhood gardening – goal is to increase local food production by 40-60%




Complementary currency creation to keep the benefits of money local




Ashland car share program



What do our most prevalent types of crime indicate about what is missing here or what isn’t yet being addressed?

Relatively low crime rate in Ashland compared to general USA




Our sense of community – small groups inspire others, like sprouting seeds.  Similar to an intentional community, yet  within the larger whole



Concept of “owning” keeps some out  - should transform into “sharing”

Taking full “ownership” of issues allows for bold action and broader points of view



Fear keeps many programs from continuing:

  • Rent a Grizzly
  • Green bikes


Great programs bringing us together:

  • Master Recycler Program
  • Solar program
  • Webspirit
  • Old “Rent a Grizzly” program 




Use public spaces (like library and schools) as general public gathering places to promote more civic bonding and action